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  • Star_Wars6collector reply lots of info on this
  • Star_Wars6collector reply more on Bill Hicks Alex Jones And this is strange 2005 video
  • Star_Wars6collector reply 1995
  • Star_Wars6collector reply how come the Halloween video is dated 1997 when he looks younger then the 1995 video when it should be 1994 the Halloween video, so we will have to look more on this
  • Star_Wars6collector reply here is more on Alex Jones and the CIA
  • Star_Wars6collector reply and if there was a murder would it have been in 1994? or some time after??? ???
  • Star_Wars6collector reply strange 6 word title in headline
  • Star_Wars6collector reply So some one should look into it to solve the mystery and then we can put and end to all of this once and for all because I don't know if he is really Alex Jones or if he is Bill Hicks, but wow if he is part of the CIA then OMG and if he is a really is just Alex Jones then great, but Alex Jones still lies, so something just is not right no matter how you look at it,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply And if he is really just Alex Jones then if they dig up Bill Hick then everything can be laid to rest and the mystery solved,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply the shape of the skull just so odd it matches as well, so wow this is insane
  • Star_Wars6collector reply I want to know the truth? If Alex Jones is really Alex Jones then Bill Hicks grave needs to be exhumed and the whole thing needs to be put to rest, so the dead can have peace
  • Star_Wars6collector reply Here is the links and why would one of Alex Jones friends come on Vidme and say he had family in the FBI and as well as gangs, some Spanish guy that had a vidme channel that said Truthmatters
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