Extreme Horsing: Hardcore Equestrian Dressage

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  • imaginaryfanboy reply You guys are insane, I love it 😂
  • PorkCow reply The rain ended, and there was 2 mights on the blow, and just 3 white's in the first papers on the left off The "wheels- off Brings" :We don't see much of that during the High Summer.. 0:45: 2 Olders Olders over, dont see that every day.. a little wide though. but they got up to 4, forcing the Referee to move them up to "the butterboard", 3 to go... 2 wide and 3 singe, and leaving Johnny Marker for the White Screen, that's quite a bold move.. Referee moving them to Robson's 4-3, another 3 holes, that's quite a blow, but a good decision. 1:42: MullRowney saved it again, just a knicker for first quarter, after he sends off Johnny Marker for the white screen ..very nice.. The short move, was a stroke and a Traffled, bucket to the leftovers...and because Mullrowney made the White Screen they got the footswep for the first quarter, especially after that superb fringe! Does anyone have the other 453 tries i can watch??
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