YouTube's Ad Boycott & the Scumbags Who Caused It

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  • EveryDamnDayLife reply The "bullying/harrasement" writing in their terms of conditions is much more open to free speech than YT
  • [ – ] OrionBlastar reply Of course, when the SJWS bully and harass people, they get away with it. Youtube is not fair to everyone with a Youtube channel Anyone who does not agree with the liberal opinions on Youtube is considered a Nazi, racist, sexist, homophobe, etc and lose revenue and advertisers. Is there such a thing as free speech on the Internet? Can succeed where Youtube failed?
    • [ – ] InfiniteElgintensity parent reply This platform is promising. I prefer my compensation to be tied to performance instead of the whims of YouTube and its advertisers. Thanks for following.
      • OrionBlastar parent reply No problem, a lot of us are in the same situation on Youtube for one reason or another. We are better off here I feel.
      • [ – ] OrionBlastar parent reply Yes I don't know how to monetize stuff here yet. Youtube paid me some money and then went to nothing. One of my videos got over half a million hits, it was Peggy Hubbard talking about how BLM didn't care about a 9 year-old girl being murdered by gangsters in their neighborhood. Because it was unpopular politics and showed a flaw in BLM and Google/Youtube is left-leaning SJW stuff, they must have cut revenue from the rest of my videos. All I am doing is reporting the truth, and apparently the truth does not do well with advertisers and SJWs.
        • [ – ] KBPeterson parent reply Just go to your channel, go to edit channel and monetization should be the last tab. You have to apply to be verified to be able to monetize.
          • [ – ] OrionBlastar parent reply Thanks, I did that before but I didn't get accepted. I even linked my Facebook, Twitter, and Google account for Youtube.,
            • KBPeterson parent reply Yea, I don't think it's the easiest thing. Just be as active as possible I think. But I just started using this, so I really don't know lol
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