How I Improve My Audio Using Audacity

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  • TechSway reply Just a message to say thanks for all the upvotes, comments and shares so far. It was totally unexpected and its very appreciated! Thank you :)
  • [ – ] basic_goku reply You has the audacity to use audacity.
  • [ – ] whako reply Good vid I haven't used audacity too much but I am going to start using it to improve my audio once I return!
    • TechSway parent reply Once you've got the hang of it you can make some great improvements to your audio so definitely give it a go!
  • [ – ] JoeMischief reply I'm new to both but is quite nice to just thumb through the new videos on HERE. They come at a steady pace so you get to see stuff that you wouldn't encounter on YT.
    • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply Totally agree, I'm always in the NEW category.
      • JoeMischief parent reply You have to scroll through a bit of stuff but there are some gems here. Just found a REALLY great singer too. Very few views on his vids. The quality of the videos I'm new is often better than featured and hot categories!
    • TechSway parent reply Very true. Well thank you for stumbling onto my video/channel :)
  • TechSway reply @JoeMischief Glad it could help. I've used Audacity for along time now and its been really useful. I almost forgot to upload it here as I still primarily use YT :)
  • [ – ] SonicMcPatriotic reply Thank you for this. My producer brother in law keeps saying I need to normalize the sound in my videos (for starters LOL) I thought he meant some of my sound it too low and some it too loud. I heard of Audacity but never tried it. I use wave pad, and he said I can do it in that program. I haven't tried it yet. I am going to their house next weekend so he can teach me some stuff concerning improving my sound.
    • TechSway parent reply You're welcome. I never really thought about making a video on the techniques that I use but I recently was asked about it so thought this video may help some people. There is a lot to learn when it comes to audio editing that even I'm still learning with every video I make.
  • JoeMischief reply Useful thanks... Use Audacity for my Rode Podcaster so might try a few of these tricks!
  • [ – ] Derpinshnofe reply I've never been happier to watch a tutorial, this has answered all my questions!
    • TechSway parent reply I'm happy to help :) Most of my stuff gets uploaded to YouTube but it'll all end up here at some point!
  • [ – ] OleCrankyGamer reply Always like tutorials I would suggest to save the unedited recording first, as you may mess it up first couple of times What I do before compressor is Noise reduction You let your recording start, and say nothing for 45 seconds, then make a loud noise before recording In Audacity just highlight that quiet part, get noise profile click the box to the left and choose to do noise reduction on whole video in that manner Other than that, I do all the same things
    • TechSway parent reply Some good points. I don't have to do the noise profiling of my audio streams really because I can adjust the gain on the mic prior to recording. For people with mics that don't have that option I think getting the noise profile is probably going to be an important part of their audio editing. Thanks for watching the video :)
  • [ – ] SpeedRave reply Wow and thats even that easy to adjust it. This idea will definitly helps all of us out, who wants to improve or learn. Thank you very much for that tutorial!
  • [ – ] PrincessOshawott reply This is helpful thank you kind sir :)
  • [ – ] LetsRelax4Awhile reply This helps alot w/ pro records. Pal thanku for making this video.
  • [ – ] Brentinitis reply It's funny that you boost the bass and I always reduce it by a lot. With the microphone that I use, the unaltered audio has such a high bass that it makes my voice it sound extremely muffled. Also in addition to the things you mentioned like 'Noise Reduction', I highly recommend a plug-in called 'Noise Gate'. If you use it properly it's a huge help in making audio sound cleaner.
    • TechSway parent reply Tbh I only reduce the volume by 2db which isn't that much but it gets it to the right volume I think. My process will probably change in the future when I get a new mic as I'd like to get a preamp/mic bundle in the future but that requires $$$
  • [ – ] WIDEAWAKEUNTILFOREVER reply Gotta upgrade my mic in the future
  • [ – ] JoeMischief reply Audacity is pretty easy to use. I kind of hope the quality of my mic is good enough to get me through. I waver between doing things to improve the sound and just leaving things au naturale as they say...
    • [ – ] TechSway parent reply Having a really good mic helps but isn't always the answer. I use the blue yeti which is a pretty expensive USB mic and because it allows me to change the audio gain on the fly that helps but it also depends on the recording environment as well. If you can get by without having to touch the audio then that'll be great, if not, then at least there is audacity :)
      • JoeMischief parent reply I bought it prob 8 or 9 years ago and Rode Podcaster is still about twice the price of the Blue Yeti. Whether it's twice as good I couldn't say but it's a pretty stunning USB mic.
  • [ – ] MooseyGeek reply I haven't tried audacity yet but can you use it for live streaming stuff?
    • [ – ] TechSway parent reply You can use it to record your live streams audio but it isn't really designed to edit/filter audio on the fly like that.
      • [ – ] MooseyGeek parent reply ok thanks. Do you have any suggestions on what might be good to use on the streams?
        • [ – ] TechSway parent reply I suppose it depends on what you want to do to/with the audio. If you're looking for basic audio enhancement then OBS with plugins, Xsplit or similar should be good enough.
          • MooseyGeek parent reply Ok, I use OBS and have tweeked the audio settings a bit. Need to see if I could do some more edits.
  • [ – ] The_Mancave reply Thanks for the video!
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I love Audacity and yes do tweak my audio. Because my Computer directly under my desk first I use 1: Noise removal (makes a huge difference by removing the fans noises) then 2: Equalization (to boost some high freqs) followed by 3: Normalize. Didn't think of using the compressor, good idea.
    • TechSway parent reply Nice, I used to use noise removal a lot when I was using a different mic which didn't allow me to change to the gain but with the blue yeti I've solved that issue. Ideally I'd love to get a pre-amp kit at some point in the future to reduce my reliance on audacity but that will cost some $$$ so I'll stick with my free software for now!
  • [ – ] RichardWendling reply Audacity is great ever use Audio Sauna ? Pretty nifty! The mixer with the different samples and synths is impressive.
    • [ – ] TechSway parent reply I've not actually used it but have seen videos on it before. For my needs its a bit overkill but I can definitely see it being really handy some people.
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