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  • [ – ] Modified_Adventure reply Good work bro, im new to Vidme as well and it seems like a fun place to creature what ever context you like but maybe i have turned up at a strange time.
    • JonLayman parent reply The community is full of amazing people. Some stuff just popped off and it'll settle down. One incident doesn't define the great creators on VidMe. Stick around and you'll see.
  • [ – ] Kentantino reply Can I hug you ? XD this dramacrew 100% message approve lol jk jk amazing video.
  • [ – ] TanyaMills reply This was an amazing video. Everything you said about creating and not giving up is so true. If you are looking for any advice re: your skits, here is my suggestion...be as much yourself as you can. It took me years (literally 7 years) to truly be myself in front of a camera, and it is the most liberating feeling ever. I spent years trying to figure out what people want. Now I am doing what I want, and the views will come. Or they won't. But if you just be yourself as much as possible, the views will matter less and less. Glad to see I am doing a shoutout for you in the near future. :)
    • JonLayman parent reply I really appreciate that, I always find that I need to loosen up a little on camera. Thanks for watching, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I look forward to hearing what you have to say!
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply The best way against the quitters to is not to play their game. That is the only way to win. #vidme4life
    • [ – ] JonLayman parent reply I know sometimes it can be hard, I struggle sometimes trying to come up with an idea. You just can't let quitting be an option.
      • I3UTM parent reply Ideas are easy. Getting the right timing and environment is harder. Focus on a few broad ideas. Then perfect them; going deeper into them and cross-pollenating them with ideas that may refute or support your original idea. Take a look at my videos for inspiration or idealisation.
  • SurfersSelfies reply yes i agree 100% live ur dream and do what you can but do not kill ur passion
  • PoeticOldSoul reply Damn good message, we're both on the same page with our message as far as telling users to not give up nor quit, very awesome :)
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