The 2019 Movement - How the media promotes the LGBT agenda

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore Ramadan-themed socks to a gay pride event over the weekend. School board tells Christian academy to censor Bible verses Canada's New Bill (89) Attacks Parents Ben Shapiro on Ontario's Bill 89 Mandatory Gender Pronouns For Children??! Bill 89 Is Out Of Control
  • ClimatePonziLie reply They go after young people because they can feed them lies because the children don't have enough knowledge to say too the presenter that it isn't the truth. If they try to lie to an wise Adult, the will get a rebuttal and strong rebuttal, children don't have the knowledge to know if what they are told is a lie. The Education system and the Media are designed to create false perceptions in people, that then then go on to reinforce. It becomes their religious indoctrination. It a self impose slavery. Feminism supporting Islamic Sharia Law which would enslave them. Mandatory Feminist Courses in the University that increase student debt, and feed destruction. BLACK WOMAN SAYS "I Don't Give a Shit About Slavery!!!"
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Discourse is increasing because values are subjective and relative. Looking at a values system through the lens of the camera, Reza Aslan Eats Human Brains then runs in fear of these cannibals. Feminism embracing Sharia Law which would enslave them. ANTIFA using free speech to shut down free speech with violent hateful actions. Perception governs our actions it's our truth of how view the world, what we learn becomes our truth. When I see Geo Engineering polluting the planet, I feel angry. When they increase TAXES using Climate Change propaganda as a means to promote and imposing these TAX measures. I get Angry. When I watch CNN tell out right lies for ratings to me it feels like where living in a dystopian world where the truth doesn't matter. The main stream media and the education system have taken over morality in that they are shaping perceptions of the next generation. The Government of Canada has imposed LGBTQ position with Bill C-89 Transgender propaganda, so if you take a stan...mored they will remove your children. All the while the media and courts are silent on this violation of parental and human rights. The kids don't know a time when there wasn't any Geo Engineering so too them it's normal, soon the schools will show the boys how to apply make-up. What were seeing is competing ideologies' some day cannibalism and human sacrifice may been seen as normal. If Sharia Law takes over, the schools will teach that taking a stand and fighting the NAZI slaughter was just another narcissistic malfunction of the misguided. If Feminist can embrace Sharia Law, then I suspect anything is possible.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply expand (possible spam) Geo Engineering is massive pollution on a large scale, why are they not prosecuted for releasing pollution in the air. Everyone is upset about Climate Change while they ignore the biggest source causing Climate Change. Geo Engineering. There running a scam on us all, who is allowing them to dump their toxic waste, in the air instead of disposing of it the right way. This Geo Engineering is killing the plankton in the ocean and the Whales are dying as this toxic mix accumulates in them. Are these Chemicals destroying the Ozone layer also. Why haven't they courts of the USA issued an injunction on these Chemtrails. These are private companies that should be charged with genocide. Why is Alzheimer's, ADD in Children and Allegories at an ALL time high, Aluminum being sprayed in the Air is killing the trees as it stops them from absorbing nutrients. Where is the NYT on this issue, or CNN, ABC, CBC, Global, MSNBC, but they push the fake CO2 BS, while ignoring the real environmental criminal...mores.
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