Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Lovec - Walking The Pack II, backpacking with off leash happy dogs

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  • [ – ] kendrakane reply my experience with pit bulls. They play really rough.
    • jbartoll parent reply Yeah. At the filming of this video, Lovec and Bonita had known each other and lived together for about four months and played almost daily. Bonita was a bit dominant in the beginning, as Lovec was a new member to the pack. But they paused the play at the exact right times (as seen in this video). And as they started to live together, Bonita was virtually always in the top-dog role during play. Despite this “imbalance”, Lovec always sought Bonita’s company and often invited her to play. Relationships, interactions and play between dogs can vary enormously, just as with humans. Dogs are simply awesome!
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