Is Sexual Fanservice in Anime Always Bad? (Discussion Video)

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I think part of this comes with an inability to see anime characters as people and to add another layer to see these people as sexual. This is the common complaint of "They're not real." I know a lot of people that would be creeped out by dudes that find anime girls actually sexy. For me there's nothing wrong with fantasy so do what you like.
    • Devomatics parent reply Yeah, this goes along the lines of just seeing a character purely for sex appeal instead of the actual character themselves. Also agreeing to your point is that I really don't care if a person is sexually attracted to a character or not. That's their preference. There's no point in knocking someone down for what they are sexually attracted to as long as its not hurting anyone. Once again thanks for the input and your support :D
  • RSNAnime reply Keijo was the show I was thinking of with this topic. Typically I don't like fan-service, but I ended up really liking it. As you said it's fun, and appeals to my love of action shounen shows. It ended up being my favorite sports anime. It feels like most shows that have fan-service end up having it hurt the show, mainly because as you said, it's a distraction from the story. But it can work, especially as comedy, but it can also add to the message of the show in some cases. Really interesting video, I hope you continue to make more like it in the future.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply The problem with fanservice is what Bennett the Sage said in his review of New Cutey Honey: They either try too hard and it ends up being obnoxious; or they apply it to unlikable characters, such as Dokuro Mitsukai, Naru Narusegawa, Re:CH's Honey Kisaragi, or what have you.
  • [ – ] VZMadness reply interesting video
    • Devomatics parent reply Yeah, trying to start a big discussion every month or so. Didn't expect fanservice to be the first topic but hey 2:00 am shower thoughts ftw!
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