Possible Military Action With North Korea

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  • dave_ddavel544 reply Hope I can clear some things up: at the very instant of the MOAB bombing, President Trump was eating cake with China's President, Xi JinPing. An arrangement was made: "Take care of our Taliban problem at our Mining operation, in Achin, Afghanistan....and I'll throw North Korea, Kim, to the curb." This is what Trump was talking about when he mentioned the 'trade agreement' with China. The Syria bombing? ...that was also a "show" for Kim, assisted and set up by Putin. Take a closer look at the Air Base bomb pics. "59 Tomahawk Missiles" barely did any damage to the place! Runways still intact, no plane wreckage, just a few dented hangers, lol! I also doubt anyone got "gassed" .... those were old photos from years ago! See, the World doesn't WANT Nuclear War ...only mad man Kim Jong-un DOES! So everyone is ganging up on him to make sure he doesn't do shit~! And if he DOES...he will be so ...fucked! But Shhh....keep this a secret.
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