United Airlines Passenger Removed - Are WE DOOMED? Is Capitalism Failing Us?

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  • murkwood reply I clicked the video thinking robin Williams came back from the dead. :o
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Hey Charlton. I think you are right that there are no quick and easy solutions to these problems. The patient is dying. Fifty years of chain smoking, eating junk food, living next door to a superfund site, having unsafe sex, popping pills like they are candy and playing Candy Crush Saga every day. That is our society. Stage 4 disease. I think none of this can even be addressed without making some lifestyle changes first. By that I mean take a long, hard look at why we are in this stew. To me the root cause is obvious. We did not do this to ourselves. We had help.
    • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas parent reply The dominant elite families that control our government, our corporations and our religions - every corner of our society and for thousands of years - they are the root cause. The wolves took over the flock of sheep and have been running the flock for a long time. They hold a lot of power, but they won't hold it forever. One man cannot change this. One people acting as one can. We are NOT doomed though it may feel that way sometimes. Just thinking out loud. Once again, great video. Thanks for airing your concerns and getting us thinking, Charlton.
      • [ – ] NevanTheScholarOfObscurity parent reply Exactly mate, the oligarchic society is the funder and the heart of our system, a system comparable to a mythological antagonistic ancient greek monster, the"Hydra". Leaders come and go but the roots always stay the same. In order to kill the "Hydra" one must strike it's heart and not waste precious time cutting off its countless reappearing heads like there's no tomorrow, ultimately that's what politicians / officials / economists / public figures etc. usually are, mere faces of our system or rather reappering heads, easily replaced, easily abandoned. But where does that leave us, the average Joes? Our hands are bound by proxy in this corrupted system, as it's heavily biased towards one group of people specifically, the chain of command evidently showcases that phenomenon on a daily basis. The only practical solution for any change, whether to good or bad is a mystery yet to be solved and something that only future historians will be able to label correctly, but only if we, the...more people, have the guts to actually stand up and fight against the true enemies of humanity. Though trying to educate ourselves / staying informed or up to date and eventually starting a mass protest combined with a largescale boycott of work sounds more powerful as a first step solution given to us common folks, the people, as that's what the elitists are most afraid of, having no working force to their expense. So let's hit them where it hurts!
        • Flying_Purple_Pizzas parent reply Resisting when you can is better than submitting. We choose our battles, though, as we only have so many resources to fight with. We are a conquered people and we don't even know it. Jim Carrey's movie The Truman Show says it all in a way. Most of us just play out our lives until we die, just plugging away in our little corner of things. Some of us wake up enough to catch a glimpse of a bigger story unfolding. It's all individual. I will say I believe love is stronger than hate, a more powerful force for change, though it's not always obvious.
  • Grandad reply Great video! I'm planning to make a video discussing capitalism and its flaws myself soon. It's kind of like Vidme/YouTube too - the big channels keep getting bigger, and the small channels find it hard to get any views at all! Check out Jacque Fresco on YouTube - his 1974 Larry King interview is a good starting point. I take a lot of my philosophy from him.
  • Insanemad reply Mom and pop store won't save the economy, don't even think of it. Trump won't save the economy after exposing himself as a neocon shill.
  • fancyfig reply the dollar is a far more effective, more efficient, and ultimately more ethical tool of voting than the ballot. everything you do in the economy is a vote for more of that, and less of something else. people look toward government because it's so consequential when it does what you want it to do, but how long does it take before it does what you want it to do, and how many things does it do in the meantime that you wanted it to not do? in capitalism there's no shiny distant button that says "end world hunger", but there's also no "ww3" button either, instead there's little buttons that say "vidme", "youtube", "united", "jet blue", "mcdonalds", "charity". so long as we are informed voters, and realize that we are voting, then the market will adjust incrementally but at a faster and truer rate than the alternative method, and you'll make far less enemies in the process.
  • flinx101 reply this video was idiotic and a waste of my time but i knew that going in. If you are asked to leave the plane grab your stuff and get off refusing to leave will get you forcibly removed from the plane. of you get hurt in that process you have only yourself to blame. No one has a right to occupy a seat on a plane just because you paid for it. A airline ticket equates to a rental. if you are renting a home from me and I ask you to leave, leave or you will be forcibly removed. very simple concept.
  • JamieG reply Charlton, there is no answer to the failing great capitalism, you just have to look close to home, see what you have and what you can do. Maybe raise some rabbits, encourage the people around you to grow small gardens, utilize their skills in a small community ways , trade, barter, share between yourselves, make a small capitalist group so when the major capitalism falls you and people around you will have something to rely on. Peace........
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