Congress Has Become a Farce on Healthcare; Single Payer is Also a Farce

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  • [ – ] StolenMoment reply Will this happen? ACA needs to be entirely repealed. The market should be able to work its magic. State control over the health market should be minimal. The customer should be able to buy insurance or care from anywhere. State medical aid programs are up to the state. Employers need to be free of any burden of the obligation to provide health care. The responsibility for health care rests entirely on the individual. The individual may choose to enroll in a version of Medicare, open to anyone. That program may require some form of subsidy. Imported or generic drugs or devices would be allowed. Anyone enrolled in a subsidized program are required to agree to a tort limit schedule. Willful misconduct is treated separately and is a crime. The industrial powerhouse nations do not put the burden of health care on employers. The lifting of that burden will be cause a huge increase in investment and employment. NO.
    • AntiThat parent reply "The individual may choose to enroll in a version of Medicare, open to anyone. That program may require some form of subsidy." I'd just heard of "Medicare for All" recently. Somehow the press doesn't mention it, as the PC bigots in the media only want to preserve Obama's "legacy". At the moment, that seems like a good idea. It is *not*, as you know, the same as what's in the UK.
  • StolenMoment reply An individual not wishing to enroll in 'medicare for all' would be free to buy insurance at any level. There may be medical co-ops that potentially could be very cheap. Everything should be part of the marketplace, including 'medicare for all'. This is all bong smoke. it will never happen.
  • AntiThat reply The dishonest conniver called Obama dished out Obamacare exemptions over and over to his cronies. Why doesn't Trump rescind those exemptions and make those cronies suffer along with the less-privileged peasants? He probably can do that with the stroke of a pen. Put pressure on the cronies of the bad guys.
  • AntiThat reply I agree with Styx on most things, but on this he is wrong. It's wrong to see this merely as some sort of intellectual analysis and/or some political chess game about who "owns" it. There are millions of decent and hard working Americans who have double or triple their premium costs now than before the self-monument to Obama's sociopathic ego called the ACA became law. Some now have no insurance at all because of the cost. Just about NOBODY cares or even mentions these things. That includes most articles put out by propaganda outlets like the AP. That includes everything said by the "caring" Democrats, who prove once again that they care nothing about middle class working people. That includes many/most Republicans whose main aim is to lower taxes on the rich. That also unfortunately is missing from all of these videos on Obamacare put out by Styx. The American government seriously harmed those millions, and the American government shouldn't be allowed to just walk away or stand idle...more without making it right. At least Trump neutered the Obama mandate penalty, but that could change at whim.
  • hasher411 reply Styxhexenhammer666, why do you have a spoon in your coffee?
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Styx man this is another very fine episode. Nice shirt btw... looking very swag. I'll try and donate again soon because it's awesome you're using this large platform to spread some sanity in this area. I think people have a delusion that we can snap our fingers and give free healthcare to all!!! Especially in the age of fast food. I dont see why we focus so much on healthcare when we could focus more on quality food (health starts at nutrition). How can we provide free healthcare to people eating cheezburgerz (gmo soy 0cheeseburgers at that)all day??? Makes no sense. I never go to the doctor kuz i cant afford it.. i broke my collarbone and my boss forced me to go to the doctor or i couldnt work an the bill for a sling and xray was like 800.. they wanted me to see an orthopedic surgeon but if a sling was 800... no way lol. Neways im just sayin healthcare is outrageously priced and no amount of bureacracy will fix it. Thats about all, peace ✌ (lol)
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply Didn't anyone get it when congress excluced themselves from it?????
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply How about we make it really clear. Everything you get from government was STOLEN from someone else. Regulations are the problem or the largest part of it. Now you need huge $$ to open a medical operation. Was it Nixon or Regan that put huge regulations virtually stopping competition and new hospitals came to a screeching halt. Repeal it and take off the penalties I have to pay to the IRS for refusing to sign up for this crap. Free markets could rise again.
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