✰ASMR✰ Fabric Sounds & T-Shirt Contest Winner Announcement

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  • LittleKatsumi reply Ah! Missed you!!!
  • Languor_ASMR reply I hope you're feeling better!
  • AlucardTepes reply I hope you feel better! 😊. And game of thrones is intense! I just started watching it and I'm on season 4....omg is it intense lol! Keep up the great work though 😊
  • ThePieceofEden reply I'm just happy to have my design in your video, Nora's design is awesome
  • Sscole780 reply Not sure what kind of weird shit that I browsed into (again). I just wanted to send a big "Fuck you" to YouTube, but ended up losing a couple hours trying to figure out what the fuck is going on... Kinda digging indigo tho, just can't figure out if I want to sleep or touch myself, or just say "fuck it" - "I'm down" I wanna dress up and be something different. Full on cos-play! I can see right now, gotta watch this vidme content. It'll suck you in and you won't even know why you keep watching it. Next thing ya know, you are brainwashed and buying costumes and shit.. OH NO! This isn't the deep web is it?
  • FidanAliyeva reply The Winner T ~ Shirt is sooooooo adorable, God!😍LOVED IT!😍 Dear Lisa, just remember one thing, this strongest LOVE you have by God, by your Family, by your Friends & by all of US (your devoted Ghouls & Fans) will always protect you from anything bad, shine brighter over you and illuminate your life🌟🌈💜🌟WE ARE WITH YOU & WE WON'T EVER STOP LOVE & SUPPORT YOU!!!💪🏻🤜🏻🤛🏻 🔥Looking absolutely STUNNING, My Dearest🔥Did you know you're the ONE & the ONLY ASMRtist who can "ASMR" a person also with your gorgeous eyes & alluring gaze...🙉During pauses when you look into the camera, I can hear their "sweet whispers" too... they're just Mesmerising🙉Thank you so much for another Super Relaxing video👌🏻👌🏻SPECIAL THANX FOR ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELENE🤗😍Take a good care of yourself, My Precious Angel♥️JE T'AIME PLUS FORT💋💋💋
  • Emodude_911 reply Hope you're taking care of yourself out there, friend!
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