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  • MUMS-Universe reply Concerning the monitor & Staples situation, that is really messed up. That's terrible customer service & the fact that it's still up on their site at the time of your recording [of this video] is suspect & borders, if not crosses over into, false advertisement on their part. I'm sure people are drawn to their site because of that monitor & many end up buying something there when their monitor purchase falls through. #notcoolstaples Seems like the bigger a business is, the less they care about doing right by their customers. On another note, I always learn a lot watching your content & that's very much appreciated.
  • Ms_K reply thx for sharing I was in dilemma on what monitor to get for my rig.I'll go w/ a 1440p display....
  • [ – ] ITSnippets reply This is curious to me... Some people love 4k... (@barnacule son youtube runs 4*4k screens), others hate it. Im currently running 3*1080p 23 inch panels an was pondering moving them to 2*4k.... now I'm not so sure... Im wandering if (like 3D TV's) if this is just a personal preference thing... Perhaps if you go completely 4k its not such an issue, but if you mix 4k and 1080p.. windows goes bananas.
    • [ – ] EposVox parent reply I mean, Barnacules doesn't have to worry about scaling because he's sitting on top of 46" TVs instead of smaller monitors. VERY different setup. But yes, part of my problem is having mixed resolutions from 1024x768 up to 4k - but it's still a general problem. I've LOVED my time with 4K, but the scaling issues affect my work, and I can't get a nice IPS and/or 144hz panel affordably w/o dropping to 1440p anyway.
      • ITSnippets parent reply He's upped them to 50inch now LMAO.. but i get your point. I just want the higher screen real estate for editing 1080p at full resolution and preparation for when I have to be 4k to compete on the youtube areana. Im tempted to try a 4k laptop first... see how bad it is LOL
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