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  • [ – ] wearegods reply Just like with YouTube, you have people on here trying to do what's called a sub4sub, they don't care about your content but are in hopes of getting that follow/subscriber counter to tick up. Just ignore them. I make videos just for my own amusement, just because I want to. I'm following some channels and don't watch everything they put out. Just like those that I follow, I also produce a mixed grab bag of content that different people follow me for. I have some folks wanting to see gaming, others that follow me for physics, and others still because I produce the odd funny video here or there or start fires. It depends on what the follower is actually following you for. Just do you. :)
    • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply Yes I try to watch all those I follow, and sometimes it takes me a week to catch up. Even those I subscribe to here on Vidme. I'm under no obligation to watch any video but I will continually to support them because I like what they produce.
      • wearegods parent reply Nothing wrong with that if you have the time, I do check other people's other content to see if it's something I like, but often I just follow someone for a specific type of content they produce every so often. The reason I subbed to Computing Forever wasn't for his Anti-SJW content but rather his tech reviews, I peek at his other stuff here and there though.
  • [ – ] 3tamtee3 reply I've just discovered Vidme. I am not following you. But I sure did enjoy this video and I will start now.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply The way I see it, some follow in the hopes you would follow back. Personally I wouldn't worry about these sort of issues, stick with your own schedule. Oh and you should film your bike rides, I would love to watch it.
    • [ – ] opaxel1967 parent reply Yes, I suppose you are right - lol .. now , as far as the bike rides are concerned , the weather is improving a lot , my right foot is nearly in good shape again .. so should be out and about on my bike in no time ..
      • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply It is weird right, I had no video's but 45 follows, made me feel guilty, so I started to learn how to do graphics, video editing etc, and started uploading content. Whether people watch them or not doesn't worry me, I came to watch and be entertained. Nice to meet you.
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