Fortean Talks - Patriotism and civic pride

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  • [ – ] astraleyes reply Here in the States, they're trying to make it a bad word here too. Yeah, we're getting a lot of SJWs here too who hate America and everything she stands for.
    • kernowLifeMix parent reply It's properly weird isn't it?! Eventually they will calm down as individually most will come to realise they don't have to do the pc thing. Hope so anyway.
  • [ – ] Jesulvis reply Initially in Canada we got two national Anthems, one that goes "Oh Canada" and the other one 'Oley Oley" for the Hockey Games… and anyone trying to mock it might gets a hockey stick blow! :)
  • [ – ] AnnaRammel reply Patriotism is so good. I agree with you.
  • bohemefit2 reply I'm a proud national socialist. I have no care for those (Marxist communist who are usually degenerate) who would destroy the healthy values of a family based society.
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