#F4F Followers PROBLEM

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  • [ – ] crua9 reply I'm seeing a problem with the fake upvotes and followers. Like how SlayerDoesThings just upvoted every new video on the new video page. I have seen a lot of the follow 4 follow thing. But ya, you can tell someone is a fake follower or it's a fake upload if they are in the thousands or 10s of thousands.
    • [ – ] SlayerDoesThings parent reply Yeah ur right man, I should just stop.. The only reason i like every video is because i want upvotes on my latest videos, i dont say "Hey Follow4Follow?" and "Hey ill Upvote if u UpVote" But sence peaple are starting to get pissed, ill stop
      • crua9 parent reply The problem is, when these systems are abused. There is no way for the content creator to know if they are doing a good or crap job. Even more so if that's literally the only real feedback they get from viewers. Like I don't blame you for doing it since it's (bad) marketing. But Vid.Me has to get this under control. That or find a better way for video makers to figure out what they are doing right/wrong on the content. Like one cool thing Vid.me has that YouTube doesn't have is no rules on sponsorship. This means if you can figure out what makes your videos a success and easy to view. Then you can make several hundred just for giving multiple companies a shout out in a video, a look at their company, and so on.
      • [ – ] Naturenerd1000 parent reply Yeah but finding out the BobSamurai, and Protomario are now on vidme because of you really made my day.
    • [ – ] XGuyy parent reply I up-vote vids I typically like because I like them. I don't think much about it but, since you can see who upvotes , I see how it could be abused for self promotion. It's basically just a "like " from YouTube in my opinion
      • Naturenerd1000 parent reply Same completely agree an up vote is a like on YouTube. Sometimes I really wish there was a dislike button though. In that case I guess not click like on something.? I guess it's a lot easier to leave a dislike than some ranting comment or calling someone out in the comment section.
  • [ – ] Naturenerd1000 reply I've been noticing the same problem. I only follow people that I like and people that have good content. I was thinking about covering this topic, but then I thought I guess they are followers I can't exactly complain. But when I click on someones channel and they are following 2,000 people I get disappointed because I know they will never watch my videos or engage with my content in any way. I just want real people that will give me feed back or interact with my content. And I am very thankful that there are quite a few real people following me. Sometimes on YouTube it drives me crazy When I make a video and there's no comments, thumbs up or even dislikes for like a month at a time. Really depresses contentment creators. I think it will weed it's self out over time. The follow for followers will unfollow and there will be a real dedicated fan base of followers. That is what I am hoping for and what I believe will happen.
    • XGuyy parent reply the first year on YT I got zero to none interactions. On Vidme Ive gotten interations way more than i ever did on youtube
  • [ – ] Draximus reply Thumbs Up
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