The Trump Budget: A Good Start but Not Enough, Needs Tax Reform

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  • VybeyPantelonez reply Trump just needs to make it possible to be competitive as an American business and they will return. Definitely right about the multinational corporations and tax loopholes making small businesses unable to compete, which puts the wealth in the hands of a few people, instead of distributed more evenly among hardworking small-businessmen. And, thanks for standing against interventionism, something we can't afford (it only benefits those who make profit off war).
  • winstonsmith1914 reply I am done with Trump. Only 1.6 bn for the wall. fuck him. I hope he gets canned. We need to secure the country if that means we all have to pay more in taxes until that is completed then so be it. Fuck the left and fuck conservatives. We need race based politics over all this other feel good BS.
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