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  • [ – ] Dragoninkmusic reply Haha advantage of rural Australia, go to a shop and it's in and out, downside of rural Australia, have to travel an hour each way just to get a donut... Thank god I don't eat donuts...
    • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply OMG dude. There was a three step thing like I mentioned. I told them, I'm just trying to pick up a game capture card...like it shouldn't be that big of a deal. lol. I was kinda starting to get mad. The girl who rang me up was kinda cute though. lol. And for a fat boy I eat healthy...most of the time.
      • [ – ] Dragoninkmusic parent reply Shoulda got her number bro. And size has relatively little to do with diet with most people dude, a lot of it is metabolism, genetics, thyroid activity etc etc. I mean I'm skinny as a twig, yet never exercise and eat nothing but junk. Callie on the other hand eats healthy (unless I cook) exercises regularly and has trouble with her weight (according to the doctors anyways, I think she's gorgeous just the way she is)
  • [ – ] Bodyknowledge77 reply I lived in Manhattan/NYC for over 6 yrs (previously worked in there too) I gots the stories etc!
  • [ – ] albanothemadman reply My first NYC experience was being in the subway and almost stepping in a fat mound of human feces. My bud mentioned it and all you hear is a voice saying "you gotta go where you gotta go!" Commence speed walking.
    • [ – ] albanothemadman parent reply So you're gonna be playing da vidja games?
      • Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply I've always done gaming. But I think it could really be cool on the channel especially when I'm done commentary on other stuff.
    • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply Yeah, NYC...you can't just go. You have to brace yourself. It was really hot that day but I walked like 7 miles so I got my exercise in for sure which is always good. I think it was a well made vlog though.
      • [ – ] albanothemadman parent reply Yeah it was! I'm surprised B&H didn't give you crap for filming! Also, I agree...shopping there is a major pain in the ass. Ah well!
        • Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply Everyone was looking at me fioming but I didn't care. If they gave me shit for fioming, that would just help my video more. Lmao. Surprised you didn't upvote this vid bro. Lol. I fiom literally all the time because you never know. B&H is really awesome man.
  • [ – ] StefanJenkins reply Awesome Vlog. I need that shop in my life!
    • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall parent reply OMG...when I walked in, I almost fell to my knees like all dramatic like I'm in heaven. It's a sweet store man. Glad you liked the vlog, idk if I'm that good of a vlogger. Mostly do music but sometimes I vlog.
  • [ – ] euanaustin reply Another great video! 😄 I think your Insta is down bro :)
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