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  • [ – ] Suspicioustoad reply In my opinion, the idea of using the labels of leftist vs rightest is really fricken stupid. For one thing, it's stupidly used to simplify someone's probably complex opinion which then becomes simplified and meaningless. Also, if you are either labelled as a "leftist" or "rightest", the other "sides" are most likely going to hurl meaningless shit towards you (making what you said probably meaningless to all the arrogant minds around) which leads to the next problem I have with the labels. I feel as though that when someone actually does join the "alt-right" or "alt-left", it seems as though they are not open minded towards one another and would rather hurl insults than actually do a logical debate with one another (leaving to no one taking responsibility and shit if they are wrong or right). I feel that with people conforming to these labels that actual open minded debate will become scarce and be replaced with insecure people hanging onto which side they think is best and only look in...moreto that side (or if you have an opinion will be labelled a side). TL:DR The division labels are stupid and I think are hindering open minded debate imo.
    • JesseDebona parent reply I completley agree. Thanks for your opinion. My girlfriends from Europe and the whole left right label is foreign to her (pun intended). I think thats whats changed my mind on this subject in peticular.
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