The Powerpuff Girls Movie (2002) Review

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  • TwistedDanns reply You're right, they haven't addressed the origin of some of the villains. Him and Fuzzy Lumpkins, per example, have no real backstories given to them. The Gang Green Gang as well. This doesn't necessarily bother me. At least they had opportunities to be established in several episodes, but you're right. At the top of my head, the only recurring villain that actually had an origin story was Princess Morbucks.
  • Eric_S_Burdon reply I agree with you that the movie stretched on for longer than it should have. I didn't care too much about that the first time around as I remember being very excited about the film. Cartoon Network even had an ad playing of a random cartoon character doing a countdown of when the Powerpuff Girls Movie was going to be in theaters. It was the same character but a new advert every day it got closer to release date. Thinking back to it now, I liked the origin story since throughout the cartoon like you said they did explain it and they even had one episode that basically was dedicated to the whole origin story. Still fleshing it all out in this movie was nice, though I think what would be a bit better would've been showing off all the main villains and how they came to causing havoc in Townsville. I don't quite remember if they had episodes in the cartoon talking about those origin stories.
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