The "Cartoons are for kids" Argument is STUPID

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  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply "Having said this, the war experience surely affected my whole childhood and the formation of my personality. Even if I have not experienced any bombing or fighting, all the adults around me kept telling me horrible stories about the war, so I grew up with [the awareness] that my works should deliver a message of peace. I was particularly saddened when I found out that in many countries I was considered to be an author who loves to depict battles and destruction just for the fun of it. [] The reason why I depict the effects of war in my comics is because I strongly believe that a person should learn from childhood how war can be destructive and how much people and societies may suffer from it, just the same way I learned it from the stories of adults around me when I was a little child. If we raise a child telling him only the nice and happy things of life, he will be unable to cope with all the hardships he will inevitably meet in his adulthood; if he doesn’t know the devastating e...moreffects of violence and repression, he could […] cause incredible damage and suffering to the people around him. I guess this is one of the reasons why Japanese people, who have been raised for the last 60 years reading comics that some people abroad have labeled as hyper-violent, chose not to be involved in war after 1945 and have stated in their very constitution that they renounce war, as opposed to a country like the US, which has strong censorship against violence in animation and programs for children, but has been at war for most of its recent history." -Go Nagai in Egypt on war. This video reminds me of that entire Go Nagai quote. I'm sick of people using this flawed argument to justify censorship. Look, I don't like MLP: Friendship is Magic, but it is a competent cartoon. (Ditto for Teen Titans 2003 and Avatar: The Last Airbender.) On the other hand, The Nutshack has plenty of things wrong with it, but I find it hilarious.
    • TwistedDanns parent reply Well, in terms of censorship, it's a bit complicated. I'm not the biggest opposer of the way the U.S. handles their censorship in television shows and movies, but I do acknowledge that sometimes, organizations like the MPAA take censorship way too far. I believe in expressing yourself artistically no matter what and whether or not it creates a masterpiece or a piece of garbage is irrelevant. The biggest problem I have with the way Film companies handle their censorship is that they don't really care about what the children will be exposed. They only care about the results and ratings and it so happens that a more family-oriented content is more accessible to a wider audience and it gives the companies a good name. Unfortunately, that leads movies and TV shows to be altered in a few ways in order to cater to a wider audience and that sometimes, negatively impacts the quality of the show. However, in terms of kids being exposed to friendly or matured content, I think that's entirely s...moreubjective. Some families and cultures have different views on what is appropriate for kids and I don't think that is something that is going to change. I grew up with shows like Looney Toons and movies like the Spider-Man trilogy. They were pretty harmless and okay for kids in my opinion, but I'm sure some people wouldn't agree with me. I think Invader ZIM is appropriate for kids, but I'm sure some people wouldn't agree with me. I don't think South Park is appropriate for kids, but many kids grew up with South Park, probably because their parents didn't really give a crap. To be honest, I don't know what is the most appropriate content for kids, but I will say this. Growing up, I played Mortal Kombat, watched shows like How I Met Your Mother, Ghost Whisperer and Bones and that didn't screw me up.
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