This is the LAST "Console Generation" - Xbox One X Impressions - State of Xbox in 2017

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  • top10archives reply Yeaaaaah... I'm not entirely sold on the Xbox One X. I don't see the value. Why wouldn't I just take that extra step and go for a PC? You're right, though. Consoles as we know them are going to be obsolete. Well... except for Nintendo. Though their next console will probably be something you need to project on a wall or something...
  • [ – ] spiderfan_MJ reply What are your overall thoughts on the Switch with all this going on?
    • EposVox parent reply Nintendo always operates in their own little bubble, but I think they've essentially made a similar move. Instead of running parallel home and handheld consoles with new platforms, they've combined it. The Switch will likely replace both the Wii U and the 3DS in the long run, IMO. (And the "New Nintendo 3DS," as stupid and confusing as that branding was, was basically the exact same move of just updating the existing platform and keeping it going.
  • [ – ] tonygreene113 reply What's an XBOX ?
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