The End?!? - The Secret of Monkey Island #10 Classic monday

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  • MikesGameWorld reply Hello BobbyTheSheep. I love your comment on the video I will be playing an new classic in the coming months on the Monday's as it is Classic Monday.
  • BobbyTheSheep reply HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOO MIKE!!! Thanks for uploading this Monkey Island video!! It's so nice to see old skool adventure classics still being played you know? This was one of my favorite series of ALL TIME, along with King's Quest (do you remember that game, Mike?) I am also happy as a sheep that adventure games seeems to be back in demand. There was a period --- I think during the early to middle 2000s -- where adventure games were dead and no one was playing them!!! But that is not so much the case now, thanks to the surge of indie titles and smaller studios getting the light of day you know? Also, thanks for the nice commentary on your videos. You talk enough for me to be nostalgic about how I felt, but not too much that it interrupts the gameplay! Good production / editing human! I will come and find you on YouTube too!
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