How Will We Die This Time? | Ultimate Chicken Horse (with Archer, Kiro & Sinc [for the first match])

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  • [ – ] InteractiveSystem reply Thanks for letting me know about this game! I found it very interesting. [Shared]
    • [ – ] tashdacat parent reply I actually only got it the day before this footage was taken. A group of people on the LP Discord I moderate mentioned it, so we all got a copy from the Humble Bundle and started playing. I think it would be fun for a group stream together, though the game does kinda exhaust you after a couple hours playing it.
      • [ – ] InteractiveSystem parent reply It seems the type of game that becomes exhausting very quickly but I can't do anything but admire how well everything is put together. The graphics and the game make a solid oneness and this is a feature most games neglect. As everyone who watched one of my videos could guess, I'm ok with a game becoming "boring" in a short period of time as I think video games should not be "soul stealers"...
        • tashdacat parent reply Meanwhile I'll gladly play 62 hours of a game in just a few days ignoring all else :P I love it. It does get exhausting after a couple hours, but this games one you stick on to muck about screwing mates over and just having fun. And that's what games should be above all else: FUN!!
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