Be Aware: North Korea Miniaturization Updates Look Like Pre-Iraq News Reports

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  • [ – ] Sock_Puppet reply Mr McCain wants to see a nuclear war before his brain rots.
  • JohnnyWishbone reply Boots on the ground would be a disaster. A Vietnam 2.0
  • abetterwest reply Interesting how the MSM ramps up NoKo hysteria as soon as one of their main tentacles (((Google))) gets caught with their pants down?
  • FunkyMunky reply This is exactly the same situation as before Iraq and the latest strike on Syria. Unconfirmed reports by "intelligence" from within the military industrial complex. Of course it's a lie. Trump reacted stupidly towards Syria. He had better not make that mistake again. DO NOT TRUST THEM! They are the least trustworthy people on the planet. They ALWAYS have an anterior motive, money
  • virtualmatrix258 reply "Trump regime" Dude, it's not that hard to slip POTUS false intelligence reports. I wouldn't label his administration a "regime" until they prove to us they are a regime. Nothing has been done yet, be cool.
  • peacey reply When I saw that this "intelligence" was reported on by WaPo, I immediately downgraded the veracity of this to "national enquirer" status... right up there with nyt and cnn. I don't buy it either.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Styx
  • StolenMoment reply Decades of technology in a few months. Kim Yung is CG, has been dead for three years. Brave soldiers and trillions of dollars go away. Dangerous silly bullshit.
  • Queepangel reply Always love to hear your POV
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply How do know that he is nuts? We know nothing about this place. Just what we see on MSM and war mongers. Should be listening to news from Russia and Europe and with a full salt shaker. Any time we beat the drums of war we can bet it is a lie.
  • valereth reply Didn't McCain come out against the prospect of war with North Korea..after saying we should go to war with them in the past? What do we do if we cannot get China or South Korea to invade North Korea?
  • Chet_Donnelly reply Lil Kim is going to end up starting WW3.
  • SutrukOfElam reply Well ok, maybe they are true, maybe not. But if no one wants to do anything about it until it's too late anyway, what difference does it make?
  • I3UTM reply Is this a real life Jericho happening? Those in the know; second season jitters.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply I just thought of something else: this is critical. Imo we should be avoiding conflicts as much as possible and instead we should focus on r&d for defense technologies. Im fine with the military budget being as large as it is but can we just appease the warhawks with r&d contracts??
  • NorthernBear reply I doubt the intelligence community supports Trump enough to launch a false flag nuke. That to me is far more ridiculous than NKs very public nuclear program nearing readiness.
  • myordinaryart reply Earlier you posted a video saying that the solar eclipse is not the end of the world. Now you post a vid,eo about a potential scenario of nuclear Armageddon? And just out of curiosity. Who is King Jamon?
  • SoldierLove84 reply If The Democratic People's Republic of Korea does carry out a nuclear attack or something along those lines, then I will be highly skeptical. Just like with Vietnam and Iraq, a false flag attack happens in order to whip up public support for a war. Of course, going to war with North Korea will force China to act, whether the North likes it or not.
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