Extra Clips- Work ethic, obsessing, and a bit of history Part 3

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  • [ – ] MAFsensor reply Fill up those hours buddy, life is running out. I prefer the go-with-the-flow approach to life myself. regardless of how hard you work, your life will end one day, it could end tomorrow. I find that religious people tend to work harder than most and yet they miss the real objective - life is for living. Some prefer to live for every second, because you'll never get it back you know :) however, if we are atoms reduced to a frequency called human, then are we really here? Do we not exist elsewhere too? There could be an infinite copies of ourselves living every facet of life and more. To close the mind and believe in one book is to live on one side of the coin, a rather polar view imo. Not that I'm implying you are religious of course. To live life at full speed will undoubtedly lead to something breaking early, we are not machines, we DO wear out! The ideal is to live on both sides of the coin, more rest than work allows for the mind to rest, the universe ain't going anywhere soon, we ...moreare just a tiny spec that the universe hardly notices (if at all) due to our limited lifespans, so breath in and out and see where the path leads, trying to be the master of your own destiny always fails. You are young and have a work ethic embedded into you, the trick is finding the right balance, remember one thing if nothing else "All work and no play makes for a dull life" stress due to over-work kills more people than heart attacks :)
    • Jimthethird parent reply I agree with the general sentiment of remaining balancing. I, for one, am not religious. My work ethic comes from years of watching my dad work towards various things and also from a recognition that life is finite. And because of this, I have this one chance to be good at various things in strength. To me, I also realize that eventually all my strength will fade and I will turn back into randomly spread atoms. I find this reality makes me work harder and to enjoy the work I do in both the gym and as a teacher. It may sound hard to believe but lifting weights feels wonderful mentally and physically. I also get the added social benefits as well.
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