What am I doing with Vidme??? | Neapolitan

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  • [ – ] letstalkjp reply What are your overall opinions with YouTube? Do you think VidMe is going to push past them?
    • [ – ] Neapolitan parent reply I feel like creators will definitely look towards it if the ad revenue as well as this forced censorship is dealt with. However if YouTube con solve the problems then I believe it shall stay on top. Just depends on how they handle it.
      • [ – ] letstalkjp parent reply I totally agree. I mean YouTube's ads are back in force now, which is good for creators, but I'm curious as to how things will play out for small time YouTubers in terms of how ads are dispersed
        • Neapolitan parent reply I was unaware that the ad situation was sorted, but as you mentioned smaller creators, it's just much harder in general for smaller creators to get anywhere as YouTube likes advertise the bigger ones as much as possible.
  • [ – ] subtac reply I feel the same way. I still have hope for youtube but Vidme is a great platform and I want to be a part of it as well. Good vid!
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