A few ideas and tips for shout outs

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  • [ – ] Arcade-Salad reply I really dislike it when people put a follow for follow the in comments it is just annoying and i really don't get it why people do it if you have cool videos people will follow you :) but I like the idea you have for shout outs
    • [ – ] the_epilepsy_guy parent reply Thanks , I really do like checking out videos even if I don't understand the language . You could be missing out on some good music or funny stuff , or good artist .
      • Arcade-Salad parent reply that is true here on Vidme there are a lot of german content creators and i don't speak german but some videos are just fun to watch :)
  • ITSnippets reply *thinks Rick is making him wait for his shout out :p* - Joking aside, Shout outs arnt worth cash on vide me, even big you tubers with millions of fans would be hard pushed to get a monitory value for them and you know my feelings on follow for follow. I'm trying to look at content creation under the 'if you build it they will come'. I'm nearly a year on on YT with just 20 subs and nearing 52 weekly Vids.
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