Scary True Stories - Ghost, Break In, Sleep Walking, Scary Storytime

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  • DevinSeviyn reply It's a breath of fresh air to see you here, Be. I think our horror community may have found a new home.
  • [ – ] smukie reply Glad to see you on ! However, would it be better for you for me to watch (listen) to your videos on YouTube instead? Due to the advertiser money? Thanks!
    • nibris parent reply A lot of people are abandoning YouTube specifically because of the advertiser money. YouTube has been abusing the monetization feature by using it as a tool for censorship. A lot of conservative and libertarian YouTubers have been permanently demonetized for sharing views that, in Google's opinion, isn't sufficiently liberal. They can't take the videos down without a good reason, so instead they attempt to punish the YouTuber by removing their funding and making it harder to sustain themselves. It's not just limited to political videos. Monetization is a weapon at this point and if you do something that doesn't endear you to YouTube, they'll pull your ad revenue. A lot of people are sick of YouTube trying to control your content through the threat of demonetization. Even people who haven't been targeted by YouTube in this way have still left the platform as protest.
  • DustProductions reply cool video, I also do ghost story time videos that are on youtube, i am new to vidme and will be uploading them here. =)
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