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Satan, the Beast, and the False Prophet - Part 2 - Where Did Blavatsky Get The Secret Doctrine

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July 7 2017

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See part 1: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-91) is without comparison the single person who has had the most influence in the Occult Sciences in the 19 Century. She was born in Ukraine with the name Von Hahn-Rottenstern. She was a very sensitive child, often sleep-walking and suffered from hallucinations. Tibet was a very popular place to travel to in the 19 Century when most Europeans were quite disillusioned. So did also Madame Blavatsky, who as an adult saw herself as a telepath and a psychic. She was also the author to the book Secret Doctrine. In this book she wrote that during her trip to Tibet, she was led into a secret room underneath a Tibetan monastery where she was shown texts of ancient occult and mystical secrets of the universe, which also was said to lay a route to the future course of history. The texts said that man once was pure spirit without a body, but had fallen down to base matter, darkness and chaos. She then was initiated into magical practicing, using esoteric symbols which learnt how the human race once again would rise into pure spirit. She claimed she was in current telepathic contact with Hidden Masters, who taught her the occult history of the human race. Blavatsky was taught that the most powerful symbol of these esoteric ones was the Swastika. She wrote there were 7 stages of evolution, she named them route races. The race which should rise again to true spirit she named Aryans. In Tibet the Swastika was known as the son of fire and creation, but in Madame Blavatsky's teachings the Swastika was the symbol of the "alleged" Aryan race. Watch full on youtube:

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