Nigel Farage "Syrian Rebels Aren't Good Guys" To EU 2013/Thomas Massie Brings Common Sense On Syria

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  • ResistanceChicks777 reply Charlie Echo I assume is ex-military or current. Our goal, (in Prayer), is for all Military personnel to fight wars as the men in 1776, in 1812, the Indian War, The civil war, "Called by God out of Conviction that their cause was just!!" Men of all ages We do not believe young men who are not married and haven't built a house or enjoyed having children should go to war. That is a Biblical concept. First enjoy the fruits of life, then fight for them. it's hard to fight for college tuition and a paycheck that is worthless because it's paper. it is easy to fight for what you love: Wife, children and hopefully freedom farm, animals etc. Thanks for commenting!!!
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