Last Time for Everything

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  • [ – ] Heyou-GetOffaMyCloud999 reply Great idea for a video. It's so mysterious to think of things you do when your young and then one day, for whatever reason, you stop doing them, maybe forever. And it's kinda nostalgic to try and remember the exact time or day you quit doing a certain activity. It's interesting that you have a campfire going while discussing this, because I used to go camping, hiking and fishing several times a year but I havent done any of those things literally for years. I'd like to.
    • Markusooi parent reply Thank you so much for the comment and for watching. I think all of us have hundred of things we did at one point in our lives and do not anymore. I have found that it is hard to go back and do somethings so I just remember them fondly. I hope you get a chance to go camping fishing and hiking soon. Embracing the wild world is good for the soul.
  • [ – ] montess2003 reply Sometimes looking back helps going forward. 🤔🎓📽🎙⏳🕰🕯
    • Markusooi parent reply totally agree, Socrates said, "The unexamined life is not worth living". Not to live in the past but remember it.
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