Bernie Sanders says Democrats should have put more into Kansas Special Election

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  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply Everything is free bernie. Wants to bring socialism to our republic. An insult to our founding fathers and all those who protected and live in this country.
    • Jimthethird parent reply I also think he would be more willing to compromise with people on the other side.
    • [ – ] Jimthethird parent reply While I don't agree with him with everything, I respect that he is honest about how he feels and what he wants to do. You know what he is going to do if he were to be in power.
      • [ – ] wolfalexzemla parent reply I think he has a good character and is right to be against the criminal banksters but the dems would not let him in because he is not a killer. but none the less socialsism and communism sucks almost as much as islam
        • [ – ] Jimthethird parent reply I think a comparison to Islam is not wise. Perhaps for communism, but not for socialism. In smaller more homogenous countries components of socialism can actually work. In a place like the US, it most likely wouldn't. Islam and communism doesn't work anywhere as an ideology to dominate a society.
          • [ – ] wolfalexzemla parent reply Venezuela has perhaps the largest oil field on earth and the people are eating rats. Not sure how you think socialism can work in a small homogeneous country. socialism/com islum will never work. people will never be equal ever.
            • [ – ] Jimthethird parent reply Denmark and Finland are places where it is working well. It won't work everywhere, but different places need different forms of government. I will agree that communism won't work anywhere. At least I don't know of any examples where it has been successful. Perhaps China, but they don't seem to be a "true" form of it anywhere.
              • [ – ] wolfalexzemla parent reply denmark and finland are being destroyed by islam like sweeden. its only a matter of time before the welfare system is overloaded and becomes a failed state. 20 years most. no one will survive there because they will have too much melanin to absorb vitamin d. only a few people like varg vikerness will pass on the cultural heratage.
                • Jimthethird parent reply I think governments will change to deal with the problem is Islamic influence before then. But if they don't, countries in Europe will continue to have issues.
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