Young Justice - Callie Allen [Speedpaint]

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  • [ – ] doomx2001 reply Great colors!!! It really made the drawing come to life. How long did it take to color it? Have you or have you ever thought about coloring comics for a living? As a artist myself, I struggle to make it as comic artist. I've tried my hand at comic coloring with mixed results (bad results LOL). Keep up the great work!
    • [ – ] ForeverMuffin parent reply thanks a lot! The coloring didn't take me too long. I dont remember how long, but this was a pretty simple drawing, so >W< and right now im making two webcomics of my own! Though i have to ink, color and write everything myself haha xD it's really hard
      • [ – ] doomx2001 parent reply Can you share a link to your webcomics? I may have overlooked it, I'm a bit of a goof.
        • ForeverMuffin parent reply ^^ sure! ~ im kinda struggling to keep the updates consistent qwq but here they are XD
  • [ – ] ThatMagnetMan reply Lovely drawing, I'm equally hyped for Season 3! :D
  • [ – ] Hoshi-Hana reply I love her :D Her costume, colours and design is really great! As a fan of "The Flash" and rpg in general it's so well made :) Awesome job!
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