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  • duffy reply this was too real and really motivating. thank you.
  • [ – ] nodetact reply What, why, how. Max... In those ten dignified minutes, you covered things like what I call the triad of humanity (thanatophobia, existential crisis and the meaning of life, yes? No, not quite? Oh okay then), you mentioned both creative visionaries and logical intellectuals (in ways that others like vsauce mentioning the left and right brains would still not surpass in the sense you have undergone) and perhaps even more, you both accented Keep It Simple Stupid and yet insightfully coordinated in between the lines of the binary yes and no, switch on and off, you used several film industry techniques and complimentary add-on's which accentuate the very possibility that you thought it through that since you were using a video hosting platform (also the possible bonus of taking note that its an alternative social media and what that means beyond rebellion and originality/underrating's) you might as well "break the fourth wall" and say one word to parody your mute style and then simply just ...moreshake your head as anticipated from the inane bias that you're different but ironically/contradicting that we know this because of the rationalized and omniscient appraisal that you still pretty much more or less made an absolutely tantalizing video that can only be in one of the vidme categories but to virtue even original animation over brainfood I dare make the irrelevant association that you bravely acknowledge the "not entirely was animation or even original" visual content of the video that weeds out that just because your video was with literal brain imagery and food imagery as well as neurology references and dietary references doesn't mean that you were off course in your very simple yet mode reasoning behind using the aforementioned website category instead. As a high functioning autistic and as a infinitely patient resourceful and high standards individual, I still can't tell myself that if you ever bridged a comment box diagonally from this of my own what you truly would say, even as approachable yet manipulative (the beginning of the video being either sarcastic of your perspectives or being an external audience mockery, or both, neither, just, paradox, void, can I even be surprised if I lack the grammar/communication or even the justification that I insist on including a flexible and adaptively, truly relevant parenthesis log even if I say things like Star tells Marco the truth. And that period right there represents the video reference from YT and I didn't have to acronym YouTube just there and I realized that if I were to use a third train of thought branch off for "there" to effectively essence upon how sentences don't seem to ever exist at least in spoken word which makes me wonder how subtitles are chosen and I digress with really no hidden cyphers and strings attached except for that while typing 'cum' for above line and I said 'for above line' instead of 'for THE above line' for a what I should not quote but I will "obvious" yet what I should quote but I won't of not so obvious and neither of these are vice-vice versas which our worldly minds allows to make sense out of that incongruency and now I just mentioned a math term and my analytically possible rambling can stop here but mind the cringe reference that it emulates to other parodies as I am not using that type of attack on you, as even though you manipulated us like I said on the far end uh I mean beginning and no dash symbol there huh of the parenthesis here I will explain right aside it even though that albeit signifies defeating the purpose of what would be opposite of using the word but after a paragraph ends but I don't believe in that deterrence anyways SO -> ) you are because you (yeah I told ya I'd explain it after the last parenthesis) embellish the best in us all even for things that you couldn't possibly understand about us and what therefore would at first appear to deface your point in the video my bad, was it multiple points? (or "points in the video, my bad, was it multiple points?" I mean this emulates a computer science ordeal but if you ask me I still will opinionate yet have a masculine voice hindered yet ironically "sensed" only by myself while commuting this post which you may "detect" but only by what is supposed to be coincidence that I was still being unique, but anyways:) but really mean that you all in all made quite possibly one of the best videos on the platform, if not a embroiling that cannot even be seen as existing even though it literally/"literally" does. Again if this whole post sounds like crap to you, it's mostly a scan for others to see if I reacted to your video in the right way and I know that the rest of the reason for this includes not being some satirical douchebaggery as its just that I'd rather explain the other minor percentile as being ambiguously unknown. But really, max, you've done a bolstered job. Or I could have just said beautiful. Or I could have just said "beautiful". "Or I could have just said" beautiful. Uh oh... So yeah, thanks for the video, even if this is all you ever upload because that would be not as fatal as you intimidatingly may imagine but we do know that to some degree that you are again approachable and yet manipulative... Kinda reminds me of myself, lol. Laughing OL. Before I do the other TRULY laughable configurations of that three worded acronym (which is again an illogical statement that we know how to chaotically sense make which should not be like how incomplete words read in our heads) I'll leave it to max, you, the audience and you guys to try to encrypt my bullishly strange comment. And yes, I didn't have to say this much confusion, but Max's video deserves an overpowered response. One that shows that we don't matter? One that shows that we matter.
    • nodetact parent reply Thanks for the seven upvotes! I wasn't sad or wasted or anything this comment, but much rather making my point of how gobsmackingly splendor @MomaMax has been here. C_:
  • AniHime reply Damn, you're gonna be hard to forget XD
  • FlowniiR reply This is my favourite video on vidme so far!
  • MaskofConflict reply Uh oh... Wall of text time! This video does hit pretty close to home, although I do feel like that there are some people out there who begin life at a handicap (so to speak), which makes life for them much harder to cope with than your average Joe. Those with physical and mental disabilities, for example (real ones, not people that fake it!). However, while those with physical disabilities are more likely to receive sympathy and help from others, I feel like those with mental disabilities, like depression, tend to struggle much more. I, myself, struggle with depression and social anxiety. I constantly have to fight with that little voice in the back of my head that tells me I'm worthless and that I'll never amount to anything. There have been many times that I struggle just get out of the bed when I wake up. Most people (at least, here in the little podunk town where I live) don't seem to take depression very seriously. They see my actions as lazy, selfish and something that I can ju...morest snap out of on my own. I hate talking about it to others because of this, since I now see it as embarrassing and isolating. I'm pretty good at hiding it, but I do have my bad days when my mood swings to a crippling low. As you can imagine, my condition makes it difficult to get a job, let alone keep one for very long. When I tell people online this, some say that I'm a very strong person. I personally don't feel very strong, since it seems like I'm in a constant uphill battle some days, but I'm still here and for the most part, I'm still doing the things I enjoy and the things I need to do in order to continue living. I've been seeing a therapist and I feel like I've been slowly improving, but I can only go as many times as my insurance can allow, because it's very expensive. I realize not everyone can do this, and I know of people who were less depressed than I am who have taken their own lives. I don't consider myself blessed, strong, or lucky, though. I guess I see myself as stubborn. I know that the town I'm currently living in and certain people in my life are very toxic and not improving my condition. My hope is to get out of here if I can earn enough money. On top of my condition, I'm also introverted, so I'm more calm when I'm alone, or with one or two people I feel comfortable with. If I'm to 'leave my mark', I don't want to become famous for it. I don't want to be in the spotlight. I just want to make enough money to live comfortably on (not be rich) and be happy. I'm an artist and a writer. I'm not the best in the world, but some people must have liked them. Some of my art has been featured in my local museum and my art and writings are on a few websites. I guess you can say those will be my legacy. I will die, but what I've created will live on for people to see until the website dies, the museum is destroyed, or the web ceases to exist. Could I be doing more in life? Absolutely. I would love to fulfill more dreams of mine. It's just much harder in my current condition. I'll accomplish things much slower than the average person, if I can at all. I'm not afraid of death, but I'm not going to rush it, either. I'm learning to be okay with this. I just need to find a way to be around the people that actually give a crap about me and support me way more often than the people that don't. Right now, I'm stuck in a town with more of the 'Don'ts', but I hope it won't be like that in the future.
  • bennitori reply I disagree with your point. Nihilism and pessimism is a stepping stone. It is a stepping stone that unfortunately blocks a lot of people. Some people believe the world is worthless and meaningless, and stop there. The people who can accept the nihilism, and strive to matter in the world in spite of that acceptance are the ones who are strong imho. Being able to accept nihilism and try to improve anyway is not unique. Millions of people do it every day. But the idea of dismissing pessimism or nihilism does not necessarily make you stronger or more meaningful than someone who has embraced it. It just means you've chosen a different path than the one who has embraced it. Even down to saying that the fact that your life is worthless because it's your own fucking fault feels like a very short sighted look into how nihilism can work. I also feel like the meaning of "you will be remembered" is a matter of ambition. Are you satisfied with being remembered by 2 people who are going to die? Are...more you satisfied with only 15 minutes in the spot light? I'm not. And I'm not going to lower my insane standard just to feel better about myself. Because the high I feel when I do meet my insane standard is going to be insane.
  • ThingsNStuff reply I don't care to be remembered as long as I have a happy life I was successful.
  • TheMichaelJShow reply You live you die. Hopefully you will be remembered by those you helped and touch. Then those people die. Get over it and live a productive, happy life. As for me, I'm going to a picnic and play with my friends.
  • AnimeFreakVidme reply Life sucks because humanity has the ability to imagine a model of the world that does not exist and we carry out our march across time trying to make more out of the lives we lead than just survive and reproduce; we seek to create reality as we wish it to be. Our pursuit of this imagined model creates uncertainty in our perceived reality that allows us to believe what ever we want to believe regardless of what reality actually is, or isn't. We have, in our short existence as a biology, forged gods and monsters to makes us feel like we know more than we do and thus make our imaginations real to us and giving meaning to the overwhelmingly overrated phenomena that spawned in the ancient oceans of a forgotten rock in dead of space. Life is an incalculably small chemical reaction taking place on spinning ball of matter that is in turn microscopic to the star it orbits, which is also irrelevant to the galaxy in which it is trapped. We are relevant only because we imagine ourselves to be,...more because we, be chance, can see something that doesn't exist. Man has asked from generation to generation 'what is the meaning of life?'. A foolish pursuit as it is a question that has no answer, but for the ones we imagine . The universe is a cold place full of unbelievably common events, so much so that nothing in it is unique not even life. We gave ourselves a purpose by trying finding our purpose; the meaning of life is an repeating loop who's end cannot recognize its beginning and will chase it forever until the energy that spawned it runs out and it ceases to be joining the rest of existence on its slow march to implode in on itself and start over. Life is meaningless and thus it can be whatever you imagine it to be.
  • crua9 reply Being remember isn't a big deal to me. It's how, and if anyone found me in history. Did they at least see I try to make things better? Did they see I at least try to help people? Did they see I did try even if things didn't work out? This is why I share my knowledge through my videos. While I might better the overall world. Maybe someone can some of my knowledge, and make the world better in ways I wouldn't even think of.
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
  • Rayman327 reply I'm pretty sure 100 years from now no one's going to remember me and I'm okay with it.
  • Chemistry_Fetish reply Will we be forgotten? Yes. As time is endless, there will be a day when humankind ends and all of our knowledge is lost and with it all of us will be forgotten. This fact can be disheartening but it's the reality we live in and reality isn't perfect. The postive side to this is we can work to accept the fact that we will all be forgotten and look to make the most of our lives. As the true issue is not the fact that we will be forgotten but our response to this fact. Being forgotten in it's self has no power, we give it power and we can take that power a way as letting it hurt us serves us no purpuse and it more logical to just learn to accept it and remove the power it has over us. As even though we travel though darkness the darkness is nothing if we feel it is a symbol of hope. The depression we experince as challenge we have to overcome to demostrate who are as a person. The problems in our lives as massive room for improvement to make a name for ourselfs, as what is bet...moreter a person who is born perfect or a person who climbs from the depths of hell to stand on equal ground to fellow humans to once again climb to the starts. As for the other questions. Do we matter? Is life meaningless. I would say we don't matter and that life is meaningless but that doesn't really matter as we don't really need to care. So what society doesn't think we matter. That doesn't prevent us from getting up to view a beautiful sunset or prevent us from helping our common man to ease mankinds collective suffering from the poor and needy. Life may be meaningless but if anything that's great, that means what ever direction we push our selfs in we are not failures as there is no correct way to live our lives and if everything leads to nothing that gives us even more reason to not waste time creating a legacy and better spend our time enriching our lives to our benfit.
  • GoMGTOW reply This subscribes a lot to MGTOW philosophy, where we believe that every Man has value, no matter his status in life. MGTOW is an inspiring refuge for Men who want to pursue their dreams and desires, and we encourage them to do just that by casting aside society's expectations and bastardized Gynocentric ideaology, which only fucks with your head to make you feel more worthless than you actually are. We do not forget our forsaken children, nor our fallen brothers, for they are the reason MGTOW exists.... Come with us, and go your own way.
  • VidPoet reply There are some ways of life that can make is stronger!!!
  • TheScreaminGoat reply An amazing video
  • DanielHuntington reply Really thought-provoking animation that makes me feel motivated to do great in life. Thank you, MamaMax.
  • jasonlee3071 reply No doubt that is a very existential video in the true sense. I always believed that life has value only to those living it and only when one is alive. Once your dead it matters not what you accomplished or didn't. As for being famous after death it's a very unimportant matter. Simply because you won't be around to know about it. Or do anything about it. The accomplishments you make are of value only to you as long as you are alive. What people will think of you and your accomplishments a hundred years from now is irrelevant and too abstract to even be worth any concern.
  • VirtualRealEstate reply This was touching...
  • FrostCynical reply I want inspire another people
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