The Life Of Muhammad Part 1

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  • [ – ] ChasingIslam reply expand (possible spam) Thanks a lot for sharing this. I really appreciate it. And you are right. Mohammed certainly did attack non Muslims - this largely how Islam was spread. And as I continue this series this will be made clear.
    • OxAcientOrder parent reply I understand you're atheist. You wouldn't like what I have to say about MOST atheists (most are cultist. Which I can clearly show no atheists has refuted) I'm not religious in the least. or know what god is. But the best person that seems to have a great understanding of Islam is David Wood from Acts17Apologetics.
  • OxAcientOrder reply The life of Muhammad. I wrote this to a Muslim the other day. He was claiming Muhammad never attacked a Non-Muslim. From the time of Hegira(journey from Mecca to Yathrib(a Jewish town that helped them)) Muhammad did nothing but attack non-Muslims and his own Muslims friends that stayed behind in Mecca. When did he not attack them? From his very first missions of raiding innocent people driving caravans from Damascus to Mecca. The first attacks where the Caravans that where coming from Damascus to Mecca. They had no freaking clue that Muhammad was forced out of Mecca. Picture yourself having a despite with your boss say you work for Pepsi Cola. You don't own any rights to the company. you have no legal standing with the company. Your boss says, you're fired you need to leave and your friends should go with you. (not must leave but should leave. some stayed.) You pack up your things and leave (some say he was rushed out.) What's the first thing you do? you attack Pepsi Cola trucks...more and kill the drivers that are just trying to make a living whom had no idea you where fired or what the issue is about. They couldn't have. They where out of touch with Mecca for weeks. This doesn't sound like a man of god. If they where all forced out of Mecca why did some Muslims stay in Mecca? Muhammad later called them Munāfiq (hypocrite's) and killed them
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