I can finally do backflips on flat ground by my self! My first backflip proper DragoNate Parkour

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  • [ – ] 2KidzatHeart reply Awesome Sauce!
  • [ – ] Bobtoronto reply Another fine 'sexy' parkour. Backflip. Wow! I'm impressed. Parkour for me is getting out of bed and going to work.
    • DragoNate parent reply Haha, well, parkour is about overcoming obstacles, so if you're doing that, you're doing parkour :)
  • [ – ] JordanBurkhardt reply Those backflips look hard, nice job. I make ninja warrior videos which is kind of similar to parkour. I would appreciate it if you could check out my channel
    • JordanBurkhardt parent reply And sorry for the self promo comment, i dont want to seem like a dick so if you want me to remove it from this video I will
    • DragoNate parent reply Thanks! I've been working on backflips for a long time, so I'm super happy I finally have them now! And for your comment, I'll leave it because I believe you have the decency and respect, and if you make ninja warrior stuff, it's actually similar and relevant to this video :) Most other self promo comments are from people who don't even watch the video, nor do they make a real comment. They just pop in, say "check my channel" and leave. You did not!
  • [ – ] xingcat reply The wonderful thing about Nates Are Nates are wonderful things! They bounce around doing parkour Like their feet were made out of springs!
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