(PREVIEW) We Are Number One (Pixitracker Edition)

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  • Areesh101 reply UPDATE 12/17/16: I decided if this video gets to 15 upvotes (instead of 50 upvotes) I will finish the music cover, because I got over 100 views!!! so thank you all for 100 views!!! i'm REALLY the coolest kid in the world! (NOTE: I was going to announce this when I upload my 100 views special, but i'm lazy(town) :P) but thanks!
  • Areesh101 reply ok! I never notice I would get my share meter have 1% so who shared this? send me a screenshot!
  • KnotSnappy reply This is awesome!
  • Areesh101 reply Also, here's a message from the (REAL) actors of the show lazytown: Stefan Karl the actor of Robbie rotton from lazytown has cancer, so donate money to Stefan Karl's family so Stefan karl can get better soon! Donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/2tm9tqk
  • Areesh101 reply And I will not continuing finishing this music cover, if this video gets 50 upvotes, I will finish it!
  • Areesh101 reply also, I forgot to tell you something in the description, but the description has character count limits (which is lame), so I decided to tell you by a comment, the thing I wanted to tell you is: I DON'T OWN ANYTHING (EXCEPT THE MUSIC I COMPOSED), NO COPYRIGHT, JUST FAIR USE!
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