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  • Rawman reply You monster!!!!!! But that is a fantastic shirt!!!
  • [ – ] danielamann reply Bootlegged Vidme Merch is already out and about!?!?! Hahahahahah cool design though dude!
  • chrisjpgrisham reply I can see that you're a total loser based on the fact that all your accounts have upvoted/commented on this video. Wow. Geez. I've never seen someone stoop so low. Lol jk I love you. I am you. We all are.
  • BrassCandyJr reply Listen, BrassCandy. You're amazing. Some of your videos aren't all that great but you have so much untapped potential! Don't ever give up on your dreams. Also, I've seen where you sleep.
  • BrassCandyJunior reply I can see that you're lonely, so I left you an upvote and a comment. Just know that I love and care for you.
  • Boobe2007 reply Nicely done.
  • BrassCandy reply Wow @BrassCandyJunior @BrassCandyJr @chrisjpgrisham you guys are all the best. I wish you luck in whatever you do in life. Maybe we can settle down and have kids.
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