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  • [ – ] OrionBlastar reply I am going to link to that site in this comment: https://www.oodlesmackpopcorn.com/ You might want to put links in your video description if you review something so people can click on it. Thanks for the good review, I love popcorn as well. My father had a popcorn business until he died.
    • [ – ] DGtronic parent reply Thank you for your comment. I hope your dad Rests In Peace. Did his popcorn business take off ?
      • OrionBlastar parent reply Nope, it was a Dun-hot Popcorn that had Jiffy Pop type pans but with plastic covering instead of tin foil. Also, machines that shook the pans and popped the popcorn on an electric heating element. When Microwave popcorn became cheap it cut into his business. I tried to help him with it but he didn't like my changes to the business so he didn't do them. He died in 2010 and yes he does rest in piece and looks at me from Heaven.
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