COMIC THEORY: Is Superman REALLY an Illegal Alien??? || NerdSync

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  • [ – ] rxantos reply If I where to take the question seriously: Superman qualifies as a refugee as his country of origin was destroyed and has no where to go. No parents either and was a minor at the time. So all the laws that protects refugees apply to him. He was an orphan adopted by American parents. So no, he is not an illegal alien. Just a refugee that was adopted by american parent.
  • hanes reply It disgusts me to see the SJW's co-opting superman for their anti-white hate & communism. Superman was created to fight Nazis & communism and promote American values.
  • WebNoob reply Illegal aliens keep stealing our jobs. This is why we need Batman.
  • TopKnotProductions reply This is a great subject. I think DC treated this subject with sincerity and it only makes sense that Supes took the side he did. America is changing and this issue reflects that. Great video, and some awesome food for thought
  • DevilHasRisen40 reply Superman the comic chatacter to me is 100% American. One this world became his adopted world. Plus were would they send him for being an Illegal alien and other than that him defending the illegal imigrants from dieing is what superman does whether their illegal imigrants or not. Superman wouldn't let anybody just bite the dust no matter who they are whether their from another country or world, or even from the United States itself. The man is an American that tried to kill the imigrants, and Superman couldn't allow them to be killed no matter whether they were illegal imigrants or not. Superman does not sit back and just watch people get killed. He ends up saving them! On top of that remember who was on the United States soil before the pilgrims came and took the land from the Indians. So if we want to nag about illegals we should remember this was the Indians land before are ancestors took it.
  • KindaGoogly reply Fighting for Truth and Justice is enough for me.
  • CriticalThinking reply Great video, keep it up Scott!
  • TheWanderingWind reply Haha, oh God I'm not even sure why I watched this but I'm glad that I did. You definitely make moronic statements fun to look into.
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