Islamisation of Europe increases

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  • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie reply Women that don't stand against Sharia Law, are NOT standing against a ideology that would see them reduced to property. Islam is (not a RACE) a death CULT and a RAPE culture. Muhammad married a six (6) year old and RAPED HER when she was nine (9). Muhammad took sex slaves after he murdered their families. Death to the apostate (those that choose to leave Islam), Death to daughter's that don't obey (Honor killings), Death to the infidel, Death to Muslim's that eat during the fast, Death to those that slander the prophet (Charlie Hebedo) Death to those that miss the 5AM prayer. Death to etc....... Canada's "last civil liberties group" battles anti-"Islamophobia" motion
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply I am totally on your side, and many women are as well, including lots of Muslim women. And nobody should take away anybody's freedom of speech, however much some people may disagree with certain opinions. And Islam is an evil, oppressive, totalitarian ideology in my opinion. And I will continue to say that. It is not a race, as you know, it is an ideology. Fascism, Socialism, Communism are also not a race, but ideologies. So, I do not hate people, I hate these types of ideologies. And, Trudeau is an idiot, I had to say that.
  • [ – ] ResistanceChicks777 reply Sweden's just let the criminally insane out among st the people! There is no law and order. Proofing women can not be leaders or governing. They are mentally weak and can not satnd against an invading army. They open the doors and say come in. Women leaders is another name for whore house "Madams" "have at it boys!" The original working woman "a prostitute!" All of Sweden is forced into prostitution by these "madams" Brothel woman leaders. When this is over Sweden will never elect a woman ever again! Islams just a punch of pimps!
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply I think men and women should stand together and protect each other. I think this is the perfect combination. And I totally agree that Islam is a weak ideology of wannabe pimps. I read that there is a lot of resistance in Sweden against the conditions there. There are youtubers who are Swedish who have had it as well. I am pretty sure you know these channels, but I will link the videos anyways Angry Foreigner Pissed off Father
  • [ – ] Inaflap reply The Muslims can have more than one wife... yes? Nature provides for roughly equal numbers of males and females. The corollary of polygamous marriage is that there are many men left without a wife. The men with power, money, and all the women, fear other men will want some punani of their own. Before societies developed, men in possession of something desirable would have to fight all challengers... like a male lion defending its rule over a pride. Societies developed... and those who took control by force were able to convince the others they had a hotline to God. Priests often held esteemed positions (and still do in some people's eyes). Religion was created by greedy men, and with it harsh punishments to control the have-nots. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's ass. What if your neighbour has grabbed all the ass around... and all you have is a goat? Don't take my shit or you'll go to hell ... and we may cut off bits of you first. It's all about passing on your gen...moreetics... and how can men be sure they not supporting a woman pregnant by another man's seed? [ Note that France has recently upheld a paternity test ban ]. In the case of Islamic countries like Saudi, they still have laws that restrict women's movement, and make them cover up. If you don't want someone taking your goods (and women have always been viewed as chattels), then you keep them out of view. You keep your Ferrari and Porsche locked in the garage, and your women in the harem. God made one Eve for Adam. It's not surprising there are so many young men from Islamic countries coming to Europe. The only females they've fucked have four legs.
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply That inspired me... I will make another "Uncle Abdul" video very soon. He revealed more words of wisdom (= shit) from Islam recently, hahaha. But Islam is not even a religion, some people say. If only somebody would give the peaceful pieces of Islam some teddy bears, then they would behave. Or some rabid grizzly bears, that may help as well. They have four legs and want to hug and play around with these people. A total win-win situation.
  • [ – ] ResistanceChicks777 reply Tried to watch, got the point, good news. Europe has to realize how stupid and weak they look to the rest of the world to let men poop on their streets and rape their women, pedophilia, can even protect your children and keep them from this cult teaching and allow terrorist attacks, Letting EU Nazi take over Europe after they were very defeated in world war 2. !Muslims were defeated in the past also. That's just stupid shows you can not defend yourself or your country. That is such weakness. The middle East always looks weak to the rest of the world , bad tempers , fighting each other all the time, treating their wives like slaves...........Hey now: Don't get in trouble!
    • sowhat-vidme parent reply There is a cool Spanish youtuber who made a video about the conditions in France. I think Europe is holding together, not because of the EU, but despite of the EU. I think most Europeans hate the EU. All the best to you and do not let these things happen in the USA Raimundo Escuadra
  • [ – ] Stonersrule reply its not funny .you keep me uo at nights.its 2:09 am and im watching your videos
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