Ski or Die - NES - Only Level One

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  • [ – ] Chanicorn reply So what are you going to do once you complete the first level of every NES game?
    • OnlyLevelOne parent reply The NES series will last at least till mid 2018 as I will be doing Famicom, Unlicensed, European and other regions, some homebrews and hacks for the NES. SNES and Genesis series will begin mid 2017 each with daily videos as well. As long as the channel is doing well, and I'm able to still do it full time, I will keep going.
  • [ – ] NeverForgetful reply Another great video!
  • [ – ] MSgtPorkins reply Ski or Die was one of the mainstays I had as a child growing up. I had all the Skate or Die games, including that funky RPG style one. California Games and T&C Surf Designs had some fun games as well.
  • [ – ] BigCalsWorld reply Had no idea such a game existed lol. Only heard of the Skate or Die game... and that was awful. This one doesn't exactly look much better lol.
    • OnlyLevelOne parent reply Ski or Die is Skate or Die. As far as I can tell they modified Skate or Die to be a winter game. Now Skate or Die 2 is completely different than the first one. It's a side scrolling adventure game on a skateboard.
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