Another Five VIDME Creators You Need To Check Out!!!

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  • [ – ] Boxing_TV reply Thank you very much for including me in this list Tanya. It means alot to me :)
  • [ – ] PoeticOldSoul reply I am so brand new to Vidme as of today lol, and I thank you for following me...I hope I make it on the list, for I sure would love for folks to check out my content, and I'm sure not done posting vids, I'm just getting started lol!
  • [ – ] RAGEfit reply Thanks for including me in this Tanya :). Love having you as a follower<3. Glad I'm easy to watch/listen to and that I'm a pleasant person heheh
  • [ – ] MrJoelDee reply Tanya, thank you for the inclusion on your list and the sweet comments. I'm the last person that thinks I would ever be included on anyone's list. I was so surprised to have an email this morning that I was mentioned in your video. Thank you again, so much, and you gave me some great people to check out in this video too. 😀
  • [ – ] TrooperTru reply Thank you Tanya! You described my videos almost perfectly! I'm glad you enjoy listening to me and my videos, as well as my intro! Take care and I will talk to you again soon!
  • [ – ] DiabloShak reply This guy on the list @AmericanPanther seems to stick out alot to the people watching and on vidme. Like he keeps hid identity hidden for many reasons and 1 reason he cant talk about. Hes a 14 year old yet has manners as a matured 25 year old, and has a very tough past story he wont talk about and how honest he is and how much of an interesting person he is makes him unique to the vidme community and very likable. Idk, it might be me.
    • TanyaMills parent reply I think we all keep parts of ourselves hidden, so that's how I look at it. In time he may reveal more. I hope so. :)
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply You need to include this channel. I hear she is Vid-me material ^-^ @The_Tanya_Mills_Show.
  • [ – ] nodetact reply Tanya, you sounded kind of confused and distant from how you talked in these ten minutes... Are you alright? Just asking! I don't remember if I had watched your entire former 5 Vidizen content creators video due to my cousin's internet being too weak for effective load time's versus buffering's, but I believe to recall that you did just as terrific back then as you are now with how reliable and reasonable your channel picks are. I just want to congratulate your generous and sensitive nature, plus that video editing, oh jeez! P.S. So this @AmericanPanther young adult guy remains anonymous for life story reasons, and not just as a means to be safe like how many other online users anxiously do? Because as I release any videos with my handsome 20 year old faces on them as time goes on, there is still a certain level of trust I want to gain from even my own Vidizen audience of compassionately comforting human beings before getting too out there... But until then, I'm confident that they'll ...morealready have a handful of deductively reasoned inferences just based on what I do open up to them, even if they still don't know me all that well! Oh, and also, feel free to feature my currently empty videos channel (more than two dozen page views and four video points, so go ahead: make a shameless guess what I accidentally did just today! :_c) but I recommend waiting until I at least get Diagnoseer a little ways closer towards its verification status - it's more about the legitimacy of noticing that its a dedicated presence with those purple checkmark/gold star badges than it is with twenty gigabyte uploads and monetized subscription models and improved search results and higher trending probabilities- you know what? @nodetact front and center!
    • [ – ] TanyaMills parent reply I was okay today. If I sounded distant, it would be in part due to the way my voice just sounds, and also I had stuff on my mind. Thanks for the compliment re: my video. I appreciate that. I will follow you back and click on the bell so I do get notifications for new content. I don't do the Top 5 thing very often (I have done 2 in 5 months). I like to wait until I have a really solid group. But letting me know now gives me that chance to get to know your videos and a bit about you as a creator. You're on the list! :)
      • [ – ] nodetact parent reply Yowza, thanks so much! I may not have too many videos out by your next community feature (or any videos at all, if I am that pretentious and overall unfortunate!) but as aforementioned I did have the courage to make a couple of videos this week and some of my followers and other Vidizens can tell you while they were both public that I'm not half bad in even my video editing (even though I still spoiled the point of that "single video"!). The mistake I made, in short, though, was assuming that if I deleted my videos on the album I no longer wanted them on, they would still be on the album that I 'copied' them to. Again, see what even little damage that costed me! ;~; I have plenty of ideas ahead of the #introduceyourself and #gettovidme tagged videos as well as the Vidme contests and challenges that had surfaced as of late, though!
        • [ – ] TanyaMills parent reply Okay, well whether you have 2 or 20, it doesn't matter to me. I will still view your stuff. Do you have videos on another site I should check out, like Vimeo or YouTube? I so you can link your channel(s) here.
          • [ – ] nodetact parent reply By chance but still remembered, the only possible other videos I could offer you as far as on other platforms are my two webcam videos that I had published on YouTube roughly seven years prior. The first one is a sample claymation showcase (woah, I never stopped loving producing stop motion, and yet so much had already changed about me!) where I silently and anonymously lifted about half a dozen hardened tiny gray plasticine figures within the lens of the small Dell laptop doing these webcam videos. The other is a brief update discussion about why my plans to use Livestream back ago were being foiled, and I kept my composure but didn't have posture (rhyming here, ahaha!) throughout my very first vlog/face reveal on the internet. Neither of these videos got any real legitimate traction as far as audience engagement, but they were tons of fun to show my friends. Months before I discovered Vidme, I rekindled my familiarity with Vimeo and loved it to death throughout last years summer. Eve...moren to this day, the first Vimeo on Demand title I encountered since the reunion remains a mystery to me and is arguably my favorite video on their platform (but The Reward, Everything has a Feeling and some others were amazing as well, and even my Film Appreciation college course had by occasion used Vimeo also!) but even after eventually going full throttle for my Vidizenship here on this platform instead, I still never forgot about YouTube (used since preteens, and while concerning to me, founded much of my childhood as far as online video surfing, but not hosting), Vimeo (an ideal and contemplated content creation route at the time) and even Dailymotion for the sake of having an open mind! And I think my commenting style (I'll use paragraphs soon enough, just trust me on that!) and personality had been at least partially shaped by online forums, chat rooms, writing and of course non stop talking! All of which can be decent video topics... For anyone, honestly! Mind the long comment, by the way, Tanya? ;)
            • [ – ] TanyaMills parent reply Don't worry, I don't mind the long comment! I think I'll wait to see what your more current videos are like, if that's okay. I am on Vimeo as well. They have some amazing videos you won't hear about anywhere else. :)
              • nodetact parent reply It's gonna be a Hell of a contrast (especially if I successfully locate and link or even merge those of my aforementioned videos to my present day ones!) to be made, that's for sure. Vimeo stands out for a reason, albeit the overly kind comments and strict monetization as well as unfair audience engagement and amassed clutter/spam could greatly change if they want to at least be a professional film industry and business enterprise niche video hosting platform! But Vidme is its own kettle of fish, and I'm glad they aren't trying to become just like anyone else. Now we just need BitChute to do the same... Which I also am on with the same display and user names, by the way! But Vidme just had the most attentive care, is all, really...
  • [ – ] ItzFlame reply Hey, could you see if i could be put in this list?
  • [ – ] HamishW reply Lots of nice things you said about me, thank-you :-)
  • TanyaMills reply @MrJoelDee @RAGEfit @HamishW @AmericanPanther @TrooperTru
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