The Alt-Right Documentary - TRAILER

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  • Kozer reply JonTron is Alt Right? uhhh ok, Milo? LOL no. Sargon!? jesus what a crock of shit. AIU? really? the guy who was so anti-trump he sperged and abandoned 60% of his fanbase over? It's almost like whoever made this video doesnt know shit about what the Alt Right is, or who is actually in it. I never really watch ur content Wooly so I don't know what message you are trying to send with this 'Documentary'. It seems like you just want to blur the lines between 'skeptics' and the Alt Right. As someone in the Alt Right, I would love nothing more than to get the numbers that those people could draw in, but we have HUGE ideological differences. For you to misconstrue them is disingenuous.
  • TeenageTorpedo reply Bretty gud. Looking forward to it.
  • WoolyBumblebee reply If you would like to support this project, please support me on Patreon ❤️
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