My Problem With the Film Fan Community

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  • sarah reply LOL "they'll define whether you're cancer or healthy" oh man movie snobs (and any other kind of snob really) are the worst
  • BrianAiya reply it just sucks that Letterbox is a relatively a new platform but they didn't take into account this kind of behavior. It suppose that Letterbox learn from other movie sites on what not to do in terms of the community culture.
  • girlreadingbooks reply I'm no film nut myself, but it was neat to learn more about the film fan internet community. I feel your pain! I've learned in digital marketing work for clients that I've had to advise clients to unfortunately make their content less authentic so as to guarantee growth and avoid negative feedback. I like that VidMe and other alternatives are helping to remedy the issues you discuss!
  • conner reply hahah "everything in life revolves around Batman v. Superman"
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply AKA How to be fall into a social anxiety spiral.
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