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  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply That's crap that happened! Eventually, I'll go to console games and I'll remember not to get that. lol Although, I'm not using Sony Vegas... but if it doesn't work right with Vegas, it definitely wont work with what I'm using XD ... So with Last of Us, it recorded the video but not the sound?
    • [ – ] Harbinger50 parent reply Actually, I had finished recording The Last Of Us before I got this (not done editing yet, though). I only tried this out with Soul Calibur on Dreamcast (which worked at 720p) and just started Shadow of Mordor on Xbox One the other night with it set to full 1080p and 60fps and Sony Vegas just would not take those files. I had a 720p video that was about 30 minutes work (but with the sound recording I guess at a different rate so it was out of sync after maybe 30 seconds on) but if I can't record a 1080p game at 1080p, what's the point? Soul Calibur didn't matter because it's so old it doesn't even reach the 720p resolution I captured it in, so nothing's lost. So went back to my old setup and things work perfectly. I mean, this card has been out for about a year, I think, so it must be working for most owners, but something about my system (which is no slouch) is just not working for it.
      • MarzieMalfoy parent reply Oh okay.. I heard Last of Us and I got worried lol. But no, I understand that is frustrating. I'm sure you'll find something that'll work for your set-up.
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