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  • [ – ] InnocentMusik reply Now I think about it, I should say that I got piano exams next month as well but that's not too big of a deal for me not to make music. Just makes me ungodly nervous....Ha. Ha. Ha.
    • ThaumaturgeBlack parent reply I would say try not to be nervous, but I think I can say most people get nervous about these sorts of things. Best thing I can say is try going into it with a clear head and only think about the piano! Good luck with your exams!
  • [ – ] ThaumaturgeBlack reply Hey! I heard that you said you push yourself for voice recordings and such, sometimes it's alright to do that and sorry if this is a misunderstanding, however if your throat hurts, you should stop, drink some tea or similar, and rest until you feel better, even if it takes a couple days. If you push too much you could ruin your voice permanently, and that would be a shame, please don't waste your potential! Now, as a disclaimer, I am no 'expert' or 'master' on everything singing and vocals, however I do understand how to take care of my voice to keep it from going bad, as I have to know this since I practice singing, metal vocals, and black metal vocals; If I didn't, my throat would bleed and I would be done if I kept at it after I was sore. You might take the proper steps to take care of your voice and I might be concerned for no reason, but just in case, here's a link for reference, I read through it and it's accurate enough to help: https://spinditty.com/learning/How-to-Avoid-Thro...moreat-Irritation-When-Singing Again, please be careful with your voice and take steps to prevent permanent damage! I can give personal ideas and tell you what I do to take care of my throat if I need to, but that's probably not necessary! Again, maybe I misunderstood, sorry if that's the case. Thanks for reading this mini-essay, haha.
    • [ – ] InnocentMusik parent reply Thanks for your concern! >x</ It's not a misunderstanding at all. I had have and still have push my limits too much due to being impatience among other things. Horrible thing, I know xD I'll give the article a read and hope to find some nice tips.
      • ThaumaturgeBlack parent reply You're welcome for the concern, haha! Thanks for reading that huge mess I wrote, I just hope you take some steps to avoid voice damage, that stuff can get bad.
    • ThaumaturgeBlack parent reply Vidme broke the link, woops, but to reiterate on the drink thing, make sure you drink warm drinks, like a hot tea, not a cold one
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