Free Trade is F@%*ing America Minute #4

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  • [ – ] ResistanceChicks777 reply Keep Speaking the Truth. Keep up the Great work. As Resistance Chicks, our goal is to see everyone using only gold and silver coins, paper money allowed evil men to steal the whole country from individuals. With paper money, only certain people can have "wealth" the rest of us are their slaves, we think everyone has the right to own their own land, live free from "bosses", and farm, raise families wholesome well rounded children, completely Independent. Together we Stand! As an adult, it is an insult that anyone thinks that another human being should plan my days, (work, car, job, etc.) I'd love to share your videos but a lot of children and Christians watch our stuff. F..k.. bombs are not good for children to hear.
    • RolfOcale parent reply Well you and your videos were a huge inspiration to me to start sharing what I know. You cover so many subjects over there with such a wealth of knowledge I found a standard by which to create. I'm hoping on some level a few of us here can provide a complimentary brain trust of sorts for people who need to know, but don't have time to study.
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply yes!!! We are indebted to those who have done so much research before us, it's very helpful when people take the time to share what they know!!
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