"country time", a weirdmedicine song, by calvin

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  • he_is_not_funny reply lyrics.......................... this one goes out to weirdmedicine doctor steve, my fantastic former fibbonaci physician, well not my doctor just a friend who happens to have a medical degree.... friends with medical benefits.... so much better than my current primary this ones for you i got to hurtin i got to achein i felt it all the way down to my bones i had edema a sudden swelling from my head to my toes it was a pain so outta sight had me bruised like i been in a fight so i go to my doctor and whispered so low what can one do to make this pain go he said here i'll have a look and let the nurse bring me my book it was a tome all dusty and broke from 1970 the smell made me choke he said i know just what to do youve got a rare form just a ...moretouch of the flu lay back on my table nurse please bring round the cart if you are able with the gas we will start to make you calm put this mask on your face a warm feeling of relaxation will flow over your being and you may slip in and out i will place both hands on your shoulders and the feeling will linger and just before i blacked out he smiled thats not my finger
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